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11 Surprising Facts About Cougar Dating

Women over 50 have so many more dating options than they did even just a decade or two ago. Younger men are attracted to and choose to date older women. But why?

Older women have more life experience.

An older woman has done more, seen more and has a depth of experience and knowledge a younger woman cannot match. She’s just more interesting to be with.

Older women are independent.

Dating a younger woman means that you must, to some extent, woo her friends into liking you. If her friends don’t like you then it’s inevitable that she will break up with you. An older woman has the confidence to do what she wants, regardless of what her peers think.

Older women have more experience in bed.

This is fairly self-explanatory, but the benefit for you is that you’ll wind up learning more as well. She’s also not going to hesitate to tell you exactly what she wants.

Older women are more discrete.

It’s never a good thing to have the details of your relationships shouted from the rooftops, and an older woman is hardly ever going to do that.

Older women have lives of their own.

An older woman has a full and complete life that does not include you. She’s not going to drop her life and be like your shadow like a younger woman may.

Older women have their priorities in order. 

She won’t be checking your Facebook relationship status or wondering why you haven’t called her in the last two hours. You won’t need to constantly validate her feelings because her sense of value has nothing to do with who she is dating.

Older women have their own money.

While you should not look to her as a meal ticket, she probably makes more money than you do and will be able to pay for dinner occasionally.

Older women will hold you to a higher standard.

She’s not going to tolerate your drunk dialing at 3 am or any other ridiculous behaviors. If you want to keep her, you’ll have to act like an adult.

Older women will make the first move.

She knows her age may make her a little intimidating, so she will at least make it easy for you to approach her.

Older women are more confident.

The confidence of younger women is more arrogance and an inflated self-esteem. An older woman has true confidence in herself. You won’t need to cater to her ego, but then again, she won’t cater to yours either.

Older women have nicer homes.

She probably doesn’t have a roommate, either. You’ll be spending more time at her place than yours.

Older women can teach you a lot about life.

Older women know a lot more than you do, in just about every area of life. If you pay attention, she’ll broaden your horizons as much outside the bedroom as inside.

These are some compelling reasons to start dating older women. If you’re a younger man she’s going to have to forgo dating a sophisticated, mature man in order to date you so you’re going to have to step up your game just to compete. The right older woman will make this completely worth your while.

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